Saturday, March 5, 2016

90 Days to Excellence - Beachbody Leadership Training, with Craig Holiday

I am SO excited to have found these mp3 recordings from Criag Holiday's trainings! 
I have hears so many other Top Coaches, such as Traci Morrow, Melanie Mitro and Scotty Hobbs dote on the amazingness, clarity and time management strategies that comes from Craig Holiday's  trainings - I can't wait to get started myself!

TAKE THIS TRAINING WEEK BY WEEK and spend time applying each into your business. You may also benefit from having an accountability buddy, and your own coach is always available to you for that!
Here we go:
Week 1: Getting started right.
Week 2: Why Relational Marketing?
Week 3: 10 Points to a Great Leader.
Week 4: Managing Your Time.
Week 5: How to Start a New Coach.
Week 6: Passion- The Defining Difference.
Week 7: The Glue- What Holds this Business Together.
Week 8: Self Esteem- “Hand Me Downs” and Overcoming the Past.
I would love to hear what you experienced in your Beachbody Business after applying these strategies, share in a comment below!!!

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