Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Meal Prep for the Week: ONE

How to Meal Prep for the Week - - - in Just ONE Hour!

So, let me guess... You hear "Meal Prep" and either one of three things comes to mind. 

1. I love it and already do it! It's a total LIFE SAVER and GAME CHANGER!!!

2. I hear about it and I would LOVE to do it, but don't know where to start or what to actually do!

3. Ugh - I don't have time for that! Even if I did, WHO wants to spend that much time cooking on the weekends???

You know you fall into one of these and my GUESS would be that it's most likely either one or two. If you fall into category ONE, you are probably looking to cut down your time, spent in the kitchen on the weekends. (I've been there!!!)

If you fall into category number TWO, let me assure you... it's NOT as scary as it sounds AND you can start small and work your way up to what I am doing today. I didn't just decide one day I was going to do meal prep and VOILA, magic happened. 

I'm a firm believer that in ANYTHING you do, slow and steady is the best way to do something new, because you have time to ease your way into it and master the small stuff, before you try to do it all and get overwhelmed or burnt out and just quit and walk away!

So.... I've decided I'm going to start BLOGGING about my experiences and sharing my best practices, tips and tricks for all of you! 

First on the menu (see what I did there?? ha ha)... PROOF. I did an entire week of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinners, in just ONE HOUR. It may not be a full meal, but you'll see the bulk of the cooking is done and finished, so during the week, when time is crunched and everyone is HANGRY... it's just a few minutes and DINNER, versus a drive to the closest fast food joint - with who knows what filled burgers or chicken, dunked in grease with sugar and salt poured all over to give it some kind of flavor... BLEH! 

I took this video and sped it up and tried to keep it light and fun... but be sure to check out the hidden tips along the way!!! I even have a few recipe ideas in here ;) 

Also - - - no judging my video quality. I'm new to this, HA! I promise I'll get better as time goes on. Just be patient with me :)

Hope this helps and be sure to check back regularly for more tips, tricks and recipes!

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