Tuesday, May 19, 2015

itFit Headbands Discount Code, Buy Two, Get One FREE

Have you seen people walking around with these big headbands on lately? Like, covering their forehead and half of their head and crazy colors and patterns? Wonder what they heck the purpose is? You are not alone. 

So first of all, this headband has a name. it's called the itFit Band and according to the web site, it's "the worlds best fitting headband".  I'll admit, i have NOT yet tried this, but I've had quite a few friends tell me they are AWESOME. 

These headbands stay in place and won't slip and slide. They are great for workouts, collecting that sweat (washing machine safe!).  Oh and you know those pesky fly-away hairs that drive you crazy as you are driving with your windows down or the wind is blowing just a tad too hard? No worries!

Added bonus, this is an American company and the product is made there also! These headbands come in a plethora of patterns and solid colors to choose from. 

The company also sells touchscreen gloves (you know so you can use your touchscreen phones and other devices while it's cold out!) and weight lifting gloves, to protect your pretty palms from ripping. I definitely grabbed a pair of those, so I can complete Body Beast without anymore sore hands!

If you are interested in trying the headbands and any of their other products out, Check out their shop and make sure to use the code: itFit 

What does that code get you? Buy TWO headbands, get a third FREE, oh and 20% off and if you spend a minimum of $25, you'll also receive FREE shipping! 

I am NOT receiving a kickback of any kind. Just sharing an offer, while it lasts. I just placed my order and figured a few of my trusty followers would enjoy it also... so be sure to pass the deal onto your friends. Sharing is caring ;)


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