Monday, January 12, 2015

Sleep is a Five Letter F*Bomb

I'm one of those people who THRIVES on a schedule. I'm a type A, list making, competitive, organized to a fault, routine following freak! This type of personality doesn't always bode well, with having a newborn in the house. In fact, it's kind of a natural disaster at times. 

I always have a "plan". I'm going to put the kids to bed at night and then I'm going to go to bed and we'll sleep blissfully through the night. I'll wake up early and workout, work and then take a quick shower and be ready to be a great Martha Stewart type happy-go-lucky crafting and active mom, just in time for them to wake up... that might be something I whipped up in my dreams. Actually, probably not, because in order to dream, you need to sleep and THAT just hasn't been happening here. 

Both the kids have had the sniffles, at five months old that sounds like a horrible issue to deal with. Add in teething and quite possibly a sleep regression and now it sounds like a lot of horrible issues to sleep with as a mom - with a toddler who will be up at 6:59am the next morning and a husband who travels for work all week long and isn't available to help and when he is home... he doesn't hear the kids until they are screaming in his ear, because I got up and put them there. 

I'm exhausted - there is a good chance this blog doesn't even make any sense. Is this actually English I'm typing? 

Back to my "plan"... it's a thing in the past, I can see it on the horizon in the distance. Waking up early, or waking up at all to get a workout in is laughable right now. Last week I barely got three and a half workouts in. Yes, a half a workout. The baby screamed and fussed through on and off for the first 16:55 minutes, so I finally paused the workout for the fourth time and called quits, at 8:56 pm.

Point is, sometimes, as a new mom... you just have to stop being any type of personality. Just be a mom. That means you are exhausted some days and you can't get up to get the workout in. Ditch the "plan". If your schedule allows for it at any point in the day, take the opportunity because it WILL make you feel better. But, for now, while your life has been flipped upside down and sleep if a five letter sounding F*bomb... give yourself some slack. 

Your sweet baby needs their mother right now and if there is one thing to remember, you are not alone. Find another mommy to complain to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to commiserate with, THEY get it!

Watch your nutrition, sleep whenever you can and workout when the opportunity presents itself. You WILL get back to where you were before baby and where you want to be... it will just take some time. 

Until then... grab an IV and attach the coffee!

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