Monday, January 26, 2015


About four years ago, I found out I was pregnant for my first time. Since then, I've given birth to two beautiful, intelligent, kind children.

I'm one of those women who wants to learn everything she can about whatever she is going to do. Some would call me a perfectionist - I like to consider myself well educated? ha!

Either way - I joined every mommy group I could, from chat rooms on web sites like What to Expect, When Expecting, The Bump, every app that could be loaded on a 32GB iPhone and every book that I could stack next to my bedside and every Facebook group that would accept my "request to join".

It didn't take long, in fact it probably only took 1.2 minutes before I realized how CRAY-CRAY some of these women were!

I thought I was going to find support, answers, help... an untapped library of knowledge from other women who had already experienced mommy hood once and were going through it again and a group of mom's who were first timer's, like myself, experiencing all of the changes, hormones, scary unknowns.

However, I was NOT ready for what I had just walked into. Judgment, bashing, tears, sadness, trolls, sanctimomy's... I had just walked into the lion's den!

No matter what decision you were going to make about raising your baby, there was someone there telling you you were wrong. "You are going to give your child cancer, you are going to give them nightmares, you are going to suffocate them, you are going to be the cause for global warming and the start of World War III and the end of the world if you feed your child strawberries before the age of one!"

It didn't take long for the burnout to begin... I understand wanting to help and educate, but I've never understood the judgement that comes from MOTHERS, put onto other MOTHERS! We are all just trying to do our best. We all want our children to grow up HAPPY, HEALTHY and SAFELY.

When I saw this commercial, it was comical, I laughed... by the end, I almost cried. I don't know if my hormones are still adjusting from my most recent pregnancy (5.5 months ago) or if the stress (even still, the second time around) from the mommy judgement is still so alive that this just felt like calm in the middle of a war zone.

Check it out - Share it - and remember... we are all trying to do our best and in the end, we are all in the same club, so let's support one another. #SisterhoodUnite

Have you experienced this judgement, since becoming pregnant or a mom?

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