Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RECIPE} Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

'Tis the season... Christmas decorations, Santa, Gift giving, the birth of baby Jesus and you know, the season to be stuck INSIDE with your kiddos bouncing off the walls! 

I am an on the go mama. I was like that BEFORE kids and having them sure hasn't changed the fact that sitting in the house, doing nothing drives me CRAZY. BUT, having kids HAS made me realize that leaving the house in negative degree, wind chill, snow covered roads with the flu and cold germs lingering everywhere, isn't always feasible OR smart. 

SO... figuring out ways to keep both the kiddos AND mama occupied and not stir crazy are a must. Last week, I ran to our local Aldi and Target (dollar section!!) at stocked up on CHEAP supplies for a few Christmas crafts!

First on the list... Cinnamon Scented Christmas tree ornaments. MMMmMmMmM. These are awesome. Only two ingredients, they make the house smell delicious (without chemicals-yay!) and it took up a ton of time. It's a dough consistency, so my son played with it for an hour before we ever made the ornaments. 

RECIPE} Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

3/4C Applesauce
1C Cinnamon (use the cheap stuff, you won't be eating it!)

1) Preheat oven to 200 degrees. 

2) Add ingredients in a bowl and mix either by hand OR mixer. This is a VERY sticky mess when it's just starting. Depending on your humidity and temp levels, you may have to add a bit more applesauce or cinnamon. Just play with it. 

3) Once the dough forms into a ball, you are ready to roll, literally.  I placed my dough on a sheet of wax paper, covered it with plastic wrap and then used a rolling pin. You'll want the dough, as thick as you want your ornaments to be. I rolled to about 1/4" thick. 

4) use your choice of cookie cutters, cut out the dough, place on your cookie sheet and fill the pan. These do NOT expand, so fill the pan as much as you want/can. When you have run out of usable dough, roll it into a ball and roll it out again. Continue to do this until you've used all the dough or you are done (I tossed the last little bit of dough).

5) use a straw to poke a hole in the top of the ornament. This is where you will use ribbon or string to tie through and hang your ornament. Don't forget this! ;)

6) Place your ornaments into the oven for about 2.5 hours. They need to dry completely through!

7) Decorate (we used glitter glue) OR leave as is. 

8) Tie a string/ribbon through the hole and then hang your ornaments

My kids each have their own little Christmas tree. I do this in hopes they will leave the main one ALONE. Per his request, my lil man made his tree DINOSAURS this year. For those of you wondering where I found these ornaments, you can find them here!

I have a little guy (two and a half years old) with a small attention span, so we made this a two day project. We made and dried the ornaments on day one and the next day, we decorated and hung them. 

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