Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Ideas for a Cheap Date Night!

As a parent of two, I know how difficult it can be to get away with your significant other for an evening on the town. As a mother of two, I also understand that money and budgets can really throw a wrench into the plans! So, My husband and I have come up with our 10 favorite date ideas, for all types of interests, that are relatively inexpensive.  So, no need to keep you waiting any longer, drum roll please...

1. Take a class together
Check with your local community college or Park and Recreational department. We have a ton of classes where we live, that can be anywhere from FREE to less than a hundred dollars for a few months worth of classes. Find something you both are interested in OR try something brand new!

2. Farmer’s Market in the Morning, Making Dinner Together That Evening

Spend Locally and spend time together throughout the day from the farmer's market all the way through the evening when you make dinner TOGETHER. 

3. Game & Movie Night In
Can't find a babysitter? Put the kids to bed and have a game night or watch movie. If you can handle waiting a few weeks for movies to be released, you can rent them for cheap from Redbox OR stream them from Amazon Prime or Netflix!

4. Browse through a bookstore
Have fun with each other browsing through an old book store. See if you can find an old classic, or search for your favorite childhood book and the memories that come with it OR find 50 Shades of Grey and read that to each other and make some new memories ;) 

5. Support the local musicians
You can always find local musicians playing at a local bar, park, or fair. If you have a favorite one, search their web site and see what their schedule is. 

6. Sweat together
Working out together is one of the best things you can actually do for your relationship. It builds trust, raises endorphins, reduces stress and goals reached together create great memories. 

7. Visit a museum
Most museums have a free day per month or one day a week that the admission price is reduced. 

8. Act like a child
You know all of those activities you used to do when you were a kid and don't do anymore? Why not? Go sledding, bike riding, roller blading, go to an indoor trampoline park. Whatever you used to do as a kid, give it a try today!

9. Be a tourist in your own town
Ever notice you never take advantage of all your city has to offer? We are all guilty of "we'll do it one day..." but why not today? You live there, so you should be the first to have taken advantage of all the cool exhibits, sites, etc.

10. Volunteer for your favorite cause
We all have used the excuse that we don't have time to volunteer, so why not turn it into date night? Pick something fun - an organization or cause you are both passionate for and do it! Besides, did you know that people that help others live longer than those who don't AND are happier and healthier?

One last piece of advice - Check Groupon or other flashbuy sites for awesome local deals. My husband and I get a TON of great deals doing this!

What are YOUR favorite inexpensive date ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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