Sunday, September 21, 2014

All Clear!

The six week date finally arrive and I had my check-up (bittersweet because I cannot believe my baby girl is already that old!). I received the All Clear, thumbs up signal and that means I'll officially begin my next workout program and routine, starting Monday!

I spent too much of my time this weekend, trying to decide what program I would start with. I have so many choices! 21 Day Fix, PiYO, Les Mills Body Pump, Focus T25, P90X3... the list goes on and on.  Finally, this afternoon, I decided I want and need equal parts of everything and made my final decision (and by final, I mean for now, unless I start and decide to change my mind - hey I'm a woman, it's my prerogative, right?).

So, Drum roll please.....

I'll be doing a PiYO, Les Mills Pump workout hybrid, along with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan!

I realize I can work my butt off day and night, but without getting my nutrition under control, I'll never reach my goals. Besides that, I don't have all day and night to workout, I'm a mom of two and one is a newborn - remember?!

Check out my workout schedule for month 1:

I'll be taking my before measurements, weight and pictures tomorrow... If I become extremely brave or someone gets me super drunk (which wouldn't currently take much) I may post them sooner than later. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the big reveal!

I'm always looking for support... any other mamas out there want to join me on this journey? You do NOT have to do this workout plan , but just workout and get this nutrition on track with me!

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