Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Post Baby - Goal #1

I'm 38 weeks 5 days pregnant today and this baby could come at any second. The closer we get to our due date, the more I start to really think about my post baby GOALS. I'm getting excited! I worked SO hard for the last couple of years, to get my weight down, burn the fat and fain the muscle. Even though I had a ton of success, I was no where near my final goals. 

Don't get me wrong, I was never disappointed with how far I had come, but I knew that I had hard work in front of me, to get where I wanted to go. With that being said, I also knew that we wanted another baby. So... the thought of working THAT hard, and then getting pregnant was a bit torturous for me and I probably... no, I definitely didn't push myself as hard as I could have. 

Anyway... with baby (now two year old toddler) number ONE being a boy and baby number TWO being a girl, I'm feeling complete. Like I can finally start working on ME again. Being the healthy, fit role model for my kiddos that I want to be, without having to feel like I'm sacrificing my body for another pregnancy (don't get all crazy judge-y on me for saying that... it's my own feelings - we are all allowed to have them about our own bodies).

Today, while at the store, doing my favorite past time of CLEARANCE rack browsing, I found this adorable shorts, jump suit. A jump suit is something I've always admired, but never even considered wearing. I mean... HELLO, do I really need to explain?

Anyway, today I found one that I loved ( even more so, because it was 50% off) and in a size large, decided to see how far away I was from even being able to fit into it... I squeezed my baby bump in and realized, I CAN pull this off, with a little work of course.

I'm not going to lie... I look like a squeezed sausage in this thing today. BUT, my GOAL is to look like a hot mama, in 8 months, in April, 2015 when I'm on my FREE,  All-Inclusive, 5 Star Resort vacation in Cancun with my husband and NO KIDS!!!

The only way I plan on NOT wearing this little outfit, is because it's too big and falling off of me. Got it?? I'm declaring it here and I'm asking you all to keep me accountable!!

Ready? Set... Let's have a baby first! :)

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