Wednesday, July 2, 2014

RECIPE} Red, White & Blue Fruit Popsicles

The 4th of July is a Sunny, Warm Holiday that most of us try to spend OUTSIDE, right? So, why not treat yourself and the kiddos with a cool, homemade, healthy treat like these delicious fruit filled popsicles? The take a bit of time to make, with this many layers, but are oh so worth it when you are heated up, from the sun!

Red, White & Blue Fruit Popsicles

**Amount will vary, depending on how many popsicles you make!

Organic Strawberries
Organic Blueberries
Vanilla or Plain Yogurt (can be non-dairy)


1. Chop Strawberries finely and place 1/2 TBL in bottom of popsicle mold. Add just enough water to barely cover the berries (just a few drops at a time). Place in freezer for a minimum of one hour.

2. Remove from freezer and spoon 1/2 TBL plain or vanilla (can be non-dairy such as coconut!) yogurt on top of strawberry layer. Place back in freezer and freeze for a min of one hour. 

3. Repeat steps one and two. Don't forget to add the sticks!

4. Top the popsicles off, by filling to the top with blueberries and covering with water. Return to the freezer until popsicles are completely frozen. Then, ENJOY!!

**Can use juice instead of water, in fruit layers!

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