Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clean Eating Ideas for the Super Bowl

The coveted Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! This is a day that in my past, was filled with chicken wings, nachos, every creamy, thick cheese and calorie filled dip you can imagine and pizza and chips galore! Anyone else?

So, are you thinking how in the heck am I going to stay on track today? What can I make, what can I eat? Don't worry, I've got you covered! 

1) Make sure you keep up with your water and stay hydrated! The more water you are drinking, the less hungry you'll be!

2) Obviously if you are at home, you'll have more control than anywhere else, but if you are going somewhere, BRING SOMETHING to share! Then, you can guarantee that it's a healthy option, right?

3) Start your snacking with the veggies and humus. Ditch the taco dips and try this Layered Greek Hummus dip, cutting your calories and fat nearly in HALF! 

4) Want pizza? MAKE it. You can choose from a whole/multi-grain or vegetable crust and then load it up with veggies, turkey sausage, turkey pepperoni and all the rest of your favorites. Keep the cheese light.

5) Craving chicken wings? How about you try boneless, skinless chicken tenders instead? dip them in egg whites and cover them in panko crumbs instead of traditional bread crumbs or give this Clean Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wing recipe a try. Then have a side of homemade Sweet potato fries OR Zucchini fries

6) Mexican calling your name? Substitute the ground beef for ground turkey and instead of traditional chips, try sweet potato chips (mmm SO) delicious!). Then ditch the cheese and sour cream for the healthy fats like homed guacamole and salsa. 

7) Don't graze! Take a plate, fill it up and when it's gone, be done! Don't mindlessly sit around eating through the game… that's how you double or triple your calories without even realizing it. Next thing you know, your belly is bulging and you are feeling guilty and you are spending your time in the bathroom instead and missing those $4 Million per 30 second commercial spots!

8) Then when you're about done and the sweet tooth kicks in, end it with fruits for dessert... or give this guilt free, Clean Black Bean Brownie recipe a try. You will NOT regret it :)

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