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Shakeology Benefits - Prebiotics and Probiotics

Pre and pro biotics are all the buz these days. I have heard time and time again that they are good for you. As I progressed in my new found healthy, clean eating,  lifestyle I was always looking for ways to improve my healthy and my families. Cut to July 2012 and my first month with Shakeology.  A friend of mine had recently started drinking it and told me that Shakeology was the healthiest meal of the day, and I had to learn more about it! There are so many wonderful benefits to Shakeology and through my trying shakeology and doing some research on the various ingredients, I learned a lot about health and nutrition. One of the most vital components of Shakeology is the probiotics!
My number 1 goal when I first started my weight loss journey was WEIGHT LOSS. So I needed to figure out WHY Shakeology helps you loose weight. Well, for me the most appealing reason is that  it reduces cravings, and helps you to feel full.  But why does it help you loose weight?! Pre and Pro biotics play a major part!
Our bodies are full of bacteria! Good and bad bacterias make up our intestinal track. That sounds Gross right!?! When we eat things like carbs, and sugars it feeds the bad bacteria in our body, causing our immune system to suffer. When we have an abundance of bad bacteria in our intestinal track, we crave more and more sugar and carbs in order to feed those bad bacterias. It is a vicious cycle. Not only does sugar make you gain weight and make your blood sugar rise, it also causes you immune system to grow weaker. Now how does pre and pro biotics play into that? The pre and pro biotics help to put the good back into our intestines It helps to balance out your good and bad bacterias. Good bacteria to help aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. These friendly bacteria are critical to the proper development of your immune system and to protect against disease. Creating a balance in your system is very important and diseases can manifest for those who are out of balance.
Where does Shakeology play into this? Shakeology contains a proprietary nondairy probiotic blend that includes bifodobacterium longum, lactobacillus acidophilis, lactobacillus acidophilusDDS-1, lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus casei, and streptococcus thermopiles.  
If you are like me, you have no idea what any of that means! Basically, it has all of the goodies to help create balance in your gut, helping your body to digest your food properly, which in turn will help you to lose weight. You metabolism will work more efficiently and you will have more energy as your body will not hold to waste as long, and you will absorb all of the nutrients that your body needs to run properly. You will also see a decrease in your sugar cravings, as the bad bacteria in your gut will decrease.
Another factor to keep in mind is stress. When your body is experiencing an in balance such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome  you will experience stress in the body, which in turn causes cortisol in the brain. Cortisol is a major contributor to belly fat!
So Here is a review:
1. Probiotics help to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut. This balance helps the digestion process.
2. The introduction of probiotics increases the number of good bacteria in your gut, causing an improvement in your immune syste.
3. Probiotics help to reduce cravings of sugar and carbs.
4. The balance of good and bad bacteria reduces stress on the body, causing a drop in cortisol. Cortisol plays a major role in stomach fat.
5. Probiotics help to keep a healthy balance in the vagina. The vagina requires bacteria and yeast to keep a healthy balance. When these two components are out of balance women will experience yeast infections, and Bacterial Vaginosis.
Thre are so many wonderful benefits in of shakeology. Watch this video below to learn more about this life changing substance!
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