Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick, at Home Workouts

I hear ALL of the excuses: It's too cold, the weather is too bad to go to the gym, I'm too busy, too tired, to sore, don't have the equipment, don't have the time… it goes on and on!

So, my gift to all of you is that I'm creating videos of workouts that you can do right from your home AND with minimal to no equipment. I'll give you ideas to be creative and you exactly what you have. If we are lifting weights, find a few heavy books, or a smaller box! 

Here is a clip from my workout this morning. It's a full body workout, using nothing but your body weight! It's the Pushup / Arm Balance. Two exercises in one and will work MULTIPLE muscle groups. 

Remember to tighten your core, which will automatically tighten your booty. Oh, and most important… remember to BREATHE! 

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