Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recipe} Clean Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I'm on a mission to remodel Thanksgiving. We're removing the guilt, but keeping the flavor!! When I think of Thanksgiving dinner, I first think of turkey and then I think of mashed potatoes and then sweet potato casserole. My family fights over these items every year. But seriously, the thought of all the carbs, sugar, fat and calories… ugh it's killer. So, I decided to take two traditional favorites and put them together. 

You can read about the nutrition of White Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes in my previous post.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Serves 4 You can easily double, or triple this recipe for a larger group!

2 large Sweet Potatoes
1/4 C Almond Milk
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Cinnamon 
1 Tbsp Organic Maple Syrup
Himalayan salt to taste

Wash potatoes well and then cut them into large chunks and place inside of a pot, then cover with water. **You can remove skin or leave it, it's up to you.

Bring to boil, on medium heat and let cook until potatoes are tender.  The potatoes are done once you can easily stab the potato with a fork. 

Drain water and place potatoes into a food processor.

Add maple syrup, vanilla, almond milk, cinnamon and himalayan salt.

Blend until smooth and serve warm.

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Nutrition Battle: White Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes

The debate has been on for years, white potatoes vs. sweet potatoes. Which is better for you? Courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic, here the breakdown! Winner is (drumroll please)...

So, which one is your favorite, which do you eat more often? How do you prepare yours?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

6 Tips to Stay on Track this Thanksgiving

Everyone always gets nervous around the holiday's. They wonder how it's possible to NOT blow their diet and stay on track. Some just throw their hands in the air and give up before they even started. I'm here to remind you that one bad meal or bad day, won't make you fat or undo all of the hard work you've put in. 

Here are my six tips on how to stay on track while still enjoying your holiday meal!

1.) Start your day with a workout
Workout in the morning. You might be traveling, you might be hosting. Whichever it is, get your workout in. It can be a video, going to the gym, taking a walk in your neighborhood  Just do it. You'll jumpstart your metabolism and feel good about yourself, also bringing down your stress level. It's been proven that when you work out in the morning, you're more likely to make positive and healthier choices the rest of the day. 

2.) Drink LOTS of water
Water is the biggest tip I can give, all day, every day. Make sure you start drinking it in the morning and continue filling up all day long. You'll eat less and feel better if you do this!

3.) Mama's NOT always right!
What I mean by that is I was ALWAYS told to stop snacking, because it would fill me up before our meal. However, so many times people starve themselves all day in anticipation of the big turkey meal and then they are so hungry, they BINGE when it's time to actually sit down and eat. 

4.) You don't HAVE to clean your plate
You do NOT need to clean your plate. Make sure you eat slowly and actually taste what you are eating. Be conscious about what you are consuming and if you feel full, it's okay to STOP eating. I heard through my entire childhood that some child in Africa or China was starving, and that I needed to finish the food on my plate. The older I grew, I started realizing that as unfortunate as that situation is, there are also children and adults who are dying from obesity. So, when you're full, STOP eating!

5.) Eat it all
Our Thanksgiving feasts are filled with more options than our average meals. You don't have to pass up the "good stuff" because you are worried about the calories or nutrition. During dinner, take a little bit of everything you want and fit it all on ONE plate. This way you'll get a taste of it, without the issue of portion control . 

6.) Find a dessert buddy
Often we deprive ourselves from the foods we crave… like desserts. I'm a firm believer that if you deprive yourself long enough, you'll end up binging and eating 2-3 times more than you would have originally. So, find a buddy (or two!) and take ALL of the desserts and share. This way you are able to taste them all, without the guilt of eating your daily calories in dessert.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

RECIPE} PFM's Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

So let me just say first and foremost. I've never once used a recipe to make these. I'm a big believer in, "use what you have"! So, if you don't have the exact veggies that I mention in the recipe below (try) and use a substitute or whatever veggie you have in your fridge (ie. kale vs spinach, zucchini vs carrots). The same goes for the herbs/seasonings (parsley, oregano). One last thing… I have a lot of picky eaters in my family. When they hear the word turkey, it freaks them out. So, when I first introduced new recipes with ground turkey, I did a 50/50 organic ground turkey and organic ground beef mix.

We absolutely LOVE these muffins. I make them every single week and use them as quick lunches, snacks and dinners. 


1lb organic ground turkey
1/2 C  ground oats
1/4 C flax (optional)
1 organic brown egg
1/4 red pepper, chopped
1/4 yellow pepper, chopped
1/2 onion, diced
2 C fresh, organic spinach, chopped
1/2 C organic carrots, diced
2 Tbsp oregano
2 Tbsp Parsley
himalayan salt and black pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large bowl, place ground turkey. 

Chop your vegetables, I use a food processor. If you choose to use a food processor, do NOT over process, because it will cause your vegetables to liquify! Place your veggies in the bowl.

Add flax (optional), oats (again, place my rolled oats from oatmeal in a food processor. I use them frequently, so I have them on hand), egg, herbs and seasoning and mix thoroughly, with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula.

I spray my muffin tin with Pam with olive oil, (because turkey doesn't have much fat) to prevent sticking. 

Place mixture into muffin tins, just to the top of the pan. I try to keep it level. 

Place in the oven and cook roughly 35-40 minutes. Cooking time will differ, depending on your oven, so make sure to check on these!

Once thoroughly cooked, take out of the oven and let it cool for about 5 minutes before serving. 

Sometimes, I do half of my "batter" in mini-muffin tins. The mini's work GREAT as meatballs!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RECIPE} Guilt-Free Cookies

One thing I hate is a sweet tooth! It's almost as though you have no control and want to eat everything in sight, until you just fill the craving. Here is a HEALTHY way to feed your sweet tooth, without killing your diet!

3 Bananas, mashed
1/3 C Unsweetened Applesauce 
2 C Oats
1/4 C Almond Milk
1/2 C Raisins or Craisins (optional)
1/4 C Natural Dark Chocolate Chips (optional)
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Cinnamon


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. 

Mix all ingredients together. 

Place dough on cookie sheet. These will not expand while cooking, so I usually fit 15 on a sheet. 

Bake for 15-20 minutes. Once done, let cool for 3-4 minutes prior to serving.


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Bottoms Up!

Water, agua, H2O, however you say it, make sure you are drinking it! Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just stay healthy, consuming enough water each day, is one of the most important things you can do!

I carry around 75 ounce jugs of water all day, every day. I keep one filled and in the fridge at all times, so there is always cold water ready for me. I encourage all of my clients to drink 8 ounces of water before EVERY meal. I also encourage YOU to do the same. Also, do this when you feel a craving kick in, especially those late night cravings. Try this and you might just be amazed to realize that your craving disappears! 

Our bodies often trick us into believing that we are hungry, when in fact, we are dehydrated and THIRSTY! Fun Fact: Did you know that once you feel thirsty, you're actually already dehydrated?! The feeling of "thirsty" is actually your body in desperation mode.  Now, I say CHEERS and drink up your water for weight loss!!!

Here are some fun facts about water consumption:

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