Monday, July 22, 2013

INSANITY: Month Two, Begins With Fitness Test Three!

Today was my start of INSANITY, Month Two!! Last week was my "Recovery Week" which was still a complete kick in the ass, Every. Single. Day! 

So today, I began with my third fitness test! I can see the progress in the numbers and it's INSANE to compare my first test numbers to this week. I can't imagine what the numbers will be with two more 
tests left!

Test #1                                         Test #2                              Test #3
Switch Kicks - 35                        Switch Kicks - 46               Switch Kicks - 61
Power Jacks  - 48                       Power Jacks  - 51               Power Jacks - 53          
Power Knees - 99                        Power Knees - 101             Power Knees - 110
Power Jumps - 27                       Power Jumps - 34              Power Jumps - 37
Switch Jumps - 8                        Switch Jumps - 9               Switch Jumps - 9.5
Suicide Jacks - 19                      Suicide Jacks - 20              Suicide Jacks - 19
Push-up jacks - 12                      Push-up jacks - 17             Push-up Jacks - 17
Low Plank Oblique - 37               Low Plank Oblique - 60       Low Plank Oblique - 62

As for my actual workout, I did the "Max Interval Circuit". Holy Smokes! I thought I was challenged last month... but here comes the INSANITY! I actually thought to myself a few times "I'm going to DIE" and "I can't do this". My chest was burning, like that taste blood in your chest/throat type of burn. I kept going. I took breaks. I reminded myself to breathe. I FINISHED the workout. What other option did I have? I can't quit. That would be giving up on myself and failing all of you! I refuse to do either of those! 

By the time I had completed both the fitness test and the workout, I had burned over 700 calories. This was just the cherry on top and more motivation to keep on! Tomorrow is another day and another new workout!

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