Friday, July 19, 2013


This week is my "recovery" week! That means I've officially made it to week five AND I'm more than half way to completing the FULL INSANITY workout! I'm so proud because, well, this is the fourth or fifth time I've attempted the workout and I've never made it past the first couple of days. 

What I've always been told, heard and FINALLY come to terms with is that this process of losing weight, staying fit, being healthy is NOT a physical battle. As hard as it can be on our bodies, it's emotional. Even when we are working out and it's hard, it hurts and we want to give up so badly... you can CHOOSE not to! It's not your body giving up on your, it's your brain saying you can't do it. I'm here to tell you that your brain is a liar. 

I'm a goal/results oriented person. I thrive on it. I like to win, I like to be the best at whatever I do. If I don't feel like I'm achieving something, I tend to become a (wah wah) quitter! So, When I started INSANITY this time around, I told myself I was going to do it the right way.

I weighed in, I took my measurements AND i took the dreaded pictures. I've become addicted to this. Pretty much every week since, I have taken pictures, sometimes more often than once a week. The scale doesn't always tell a true story. We have hormones that fluxuate and if you don't drink enough water, your body retains it and a whole lot of other things that can cause your weight to yo-yo. I've found PICTURES to be so empowering. Who would think that after just four weeks of working out 6 times a week, there could be noticeable change in my body? I mean, I was already active, already eating clean (mostly) and doing all of the 'right' things. So I wasn't expecting anything crazy.

The truth is, the results this far are just that. Crazy, no INSANE! Take a look, these are my weekly Monday photo's for the first four weeks of INSANITY.

I was seriously in SHOCK when I put them side by side and saw the difference! Whats crazy is that I'm in the middle of week five right now and still have four weeks left!

Here are my official Results thus far:

                      Day 1    Day 32      Total Difference
Chest:             38.5"      35.5"              3"
Right Arm:     11"         10.5"             .5"
Left Arm:       10.75"    10"                .75"
Waist:             34.5"      31"                3.5"
Hips:               41.25"    38"               3.25"
Right Thigh:   23.5"      22.5"             1"
Left Thigh:     23"         21.5"             1.5"
Weight:          186.4      172.6             13.8 pounds

I can't wait to share my final results with all of you! They are going to be spectacular!!

If you are interested in learning more about INSANITY or another beachbody program, clean eating, etc. please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! I am here to help! :)

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