Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SURPRISE! - My Journey Pt. 2

Everyone says the first few days or weeks of a new health program are the hardest.  They are tempted by all of their cravings and old habits. I'm not sure I can say that was my experience. I had so much weight to lose that with the change in my eating habits (portion control, adding more veggies, fruits, whole grain and WATER) and the addition of working out during my lunch hour, the weight was falling off. 

I had started a new class at the gym called BodyFlow™(Now called BODYBALANCE™), a combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates. This was a great class for me. It was not just about the physical but the mental also. It really helped clear my mind and de-stress from work. On the days the class was not scheduled, I began to run. 

Running... ugh! I'm not a runner. I've always hated running. I remember being in elementary school and having to run the mile for the Presidential Fitness testing and hating it back then. I was LUCKY to finish that silly thing in 12-14 minutes. 

With that being said, I did NOT just jump on the treadmill and start running my fat ass off. But I tried. I walked when I got tired. Then, I pushed myself to run again. I walked when my I couldn't breathe. Then, I pushed myself again. I walked when my chest felt like it was on fire and I couldn't swallow. Then, I pushed myself AGAIN. 

Nobody was in this fight but  me. I wasn't doing this for anyone else. I was doing this for me. To be healthier, skinnier, happier. If I didn't push myself, who was going to? In just that first month, I was running a mile in under 10 minutes! Something I had NEVER in my life done.

I was weighing myself in weekly, so I could update my WW profile. In the first month, I lost 32 pounds! I'm a very competitive person. I thrive on winning, and results. So for me to have lost just over a pound a day and in a very healthy way, was completely rewarding and addictive. I was seeing results, so I couldn't be stopped.

The one thing I was a bit confused about was how tired I was. I was ready for bed by 7pm and didn't want to get up in the mornings. My weekends were spent taking three hour naps in the middle of the days. This may not sound weird, but I'm a busy body. I've run most of my life on minimal sleep 4-5 hours a night. I am constantly on the go!

I had always heard and experienced working out would give you energy! I thought it might just be my body adjusting. I was going through a BIG change after all. Maybe I was playing catch-up after months of 60+ hours work weeks, traveling, stress, etc. 

I stayed positive and continued with my new routine. Week five weigh-in approached.. and BAM! Nothing. Not a pound lost. Not even an ounce. Alright, I thought to myself. It happens. I was getting stronger and felt better. Next week will be better, I told myself. 

Week six and again, nothing.

Maybe I wasn't eating enough? I had been low on my points. I was having a hard time eating as much as I was supposed to. I just hadn't been feeling well. I always felt hungry, but then when it came time to eat, it didn't sound good. Actually, most food was making me nauseas. 

Week seven... I skipped my weigh-in. Tim was out of town, so I went to dinner with a friend, for sushi. She ordered saki. I didn't. Just didn't feel like drinking, for weeks actually. I drank about a gallon of water though. I was constantly thirsty! 

When dinner was over, I went to Walgreens. I purchased a box of three pregnancy tests and went to my empty condo. I used the rest room, peed on a stick and walked out. 

There was no way I could be pregnant. I just needed to clear the possibility for why I was feeling so exhausted and sick lately. 

I went back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and almost got sick while doing it. I had forgotten about the test. I glanced and it and...PREGNANT.

Good thing I bought a pack of three, this HAD to be wrong! So I took a second test. Again, Pregnant. 

Nothing like sitting in your condo by yourself and in a panic. Nobody to talk to. No clue what to do. I didn't even have a gynecologist I was seeing at the time. 

I figured maybe it was the time of day I took the test. I mean, doesn't it say somewhere that you should always take the test in the morning? Yeah... I found out, that makes the positive result even stronger.

Well... at least this might help explain the plateau in my weight-loss, right?

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