Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I made it through my 1st fitness test and workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week. CONFESSION TIME... I did NOT do INSANITY on Friday or Saturday :-/ BUT, I made that decision, knowing my husband and I were going to be installing 13,00 sq. ft of sod for our new lawn! Let me tell you something... I was SO glad that I've been working out, because everyone else that helped was WAY more sore than I  was!

Today, I completed day 9 of INSANITY. I've got to tell you, in only 9 short days, I can already feel my body changing. It's kind of crazy. My endurance is up and I'm getting stronger. I made it through the entire 10ish minutes of warm-up without taking a break! That's a first for me and even though it sounds silly because it's a warm-up... you would know what I was talking about if you ever did INSANITY.

I did my weekly weigh-in and measurements today. Now, I know a lot of people say you shouldn't weigh in weekly or take measurements that often, but for me it shows progress and supports and reinforces my choices. If I ate poorly or didn't work out, it's in the numbers and I KNOW what I'm doing has to change. If I worked out every day and watched my diet and my numbers are great, it only encourages me to continue doing the same thing - Positive Reinforcement people!

In the first week of doing INSANITY and drinking shakeoogy, I've lost, DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

9.4 pounds and three inches total!!

As excited as I am, I know that the first week of ANY new program will give significant results. So, this will not continue at a high pace and I'm A-okay with that, because I know it's working!

So, are YOU ready to change your life? Are you ready to lose the baby weight, tone up, get fit, and become healthy? Is it your time to take the challenge? If so, contact me, I can help you!

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