Monday, June 17, 2013

2012: a Big Number, a Big Year, a LOT of Big Changes

2012 is definitely a year I will always remember. Let's just run down the events:

January - Tim and I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta and purchased our first house!

February - I was put on bed rest, with the exception of my every-other day doctor's appointments. I received notice from a co-worker and one of my best friends that he put his two weeks in. I was ecstatic for him - extremely sad for myself. He was one of the reasons I made it through my days at that job. 

March - We welcomed our son, Greyson, into the world.

May - Tim and I eloped. We invited two of our closest friends and an old co-worker of mine, who was ordained. We went to the beach just a few miles down the road from our house, with Greyson and got hitched. It was quite perfect. 

Tim was contacted by a head hunter about a potential job lead. I began working again, but from home (for the time being). I hated working. I had already had issues with my job, but now more than ever I wanted to quit. For the first time in my life, I had a serious discussion with Tim about quitting my job and being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM).

June - My mom began watching Greyson, one day a week, while I went into the office for work. The same week I went back, my boss called me at home to notify me that he had not yet told anyone in the office, nor did the public know, but he had given his six-week notice to our Board. He was leaving.  I immediately thought, I'm quitting. 

Tim had an interview with Kawasaki.

July - My job was worse than I ever thought possible. The people I was closest with were already gone or on their way out. I  again spoke to Tim about quitting. We talked numbers. Could we swing it? We just bought a house. We just had a baby. We had two brand new cars, student loans, LOTS of bills!

We decided we could make it. I spoke with my boss, and gave an extended notice.

August - I had my last day of work and officially became a SAHM. I began the serious process of planning a one year destination Anniversary Vow Renewal, which we invited our family to (since we eloped). 

September - Tim had a second interview with Kawasaki and received a verbal offer for the job, we began the negotiations.

October -   I traveled to Atlanta for work, leaving Greyson for  my first time, 6 nights and 7 days. Tim received a written offer while I was gone. After hours and hours of discussion, we, as a family, accepted the job offer. 

November - Tim began his new job with Kawasaki, requiring his travel to continue being Monday-Thursday. I met with realtor's and continued to get the house ready to put back onto the market. The holidays' crept up on us.  We decided to wait until spring to put the house on the market. There was just WAY to much to get done!

It was a BIG year with a LOT of changes and adjustments. I lost weight, but my focus was on my health. I was nursing our son and knew everything I consumed, he was too.  I was trying to just be healthier. I worked out and began clean eating. I turned to the gym for my stress relief and turned away from the junk food. It was a slow and steady process, but it was working for me.

2013 was sure to present it's own challenges. 

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